BAZAR, first days

A few days ago we open publicly BAZAR, a market of online stores that offer their products in Faircoin. Bazar is a tool to connect local economies with the world, but with sense.

Behind the scenes of BAZAR

We use one of the most powerful ecommerce software: Prestashop. We added a module to transform it into a multi-shop and some special touches to make it work as safely and quickly as possible. Surely we will find failures, but it will not matter much because we wanted everything, initially, to be managed in a human way. In other words, we are looking for everything and we have the will to solve any setback however small. And there it is, ready to facilitate that we can expand the economic capacities of all the people who aspire to build a more fair world with better economic tools and better currencies tthan those we have known until now.


Setting up a store in Bazar is quite simple inside what is a tool with lots of possibilities. Any person or group that offers goods and services accepting Faircoin within the minimum parameters of ethics have their space in Bazar. We do not want to go very fast, but we do move forward firmly. Just ask to be a store and wait for approval. The rest is to put the products or services for which you want to accept Faircoin.

In the current state of the economy around Faircoin which, being almost embryonic, is one of the most powerful and interesting in the world of cryptocurrencies, the recommendations that we make from Komun to everyone who wishes to contribute to this paradigm shift are :

  • Offer in Bazar only those products or services that you can afford to offer in exchange for Faircoin. Bazar allows you to perfectly manage the stock. It can be a unique product or those you want to offer. Manage how much you want to sell in Faircoin per month, for example. As an activist who has found the idea of Faircoop interesting, your contribution to the Faircoin economy at this time is very important. Propose to yourself how many Faircoin you can afford to receive based on how many of them you can use or be willing to save.

  • Configure how far you want to send your products. It is not logical, in many cases, that you send products to the other side of the world. Bazar allows you to configure the shipping methods that you prefer, with which people will see what is available and if they can receive it in their geographical location or not. On the other hand, it is convenient that you put in the description of the product also the zones to which you can or want to send.
  • Faultlessly. The amount of each purchase is guarded by Bazar. If a product can not be shipped, Bazar will refund the amount in full to the buyer. If there are misunderstandings, they will be resolved with the best will. And if everything went well, it will be sent to the seller. Call it "slow shopping" as a fundamental part of the necessary "slow life". This is not Amazon, fortunately.


We already have a nice amount of products and services but this is only the beginning. Bazar is a formidable tool also for the economies of local or regional interconnected prosumers. For example, right now there are products that are only available for certain local nodes that have established provisioning routes. You will see it because the available shipping methods are "picked up at this or that point". These points are places of storage and distribution (rebosts or pantries) that have established these nodes. If there is no other way of sending and you are not part of these groups do not ask for the product because you can not receive it. In any case, if you have requested it anyway, the amount will be refunded to you.

There are other products that are sent to other places. Ask what you really need. Bazar was not born to promote consumerism but to meet needs in this growing fair economy.


Yes, as long as the products they are interested in are available to send to their places of residence. In Bazar, purchases in Euros and other cryptocurrencies that are not Faircoin are accepted. Bazar assumes the logistics of the change to Faircoin because revenues in other currencies will be used to cover infrastructure and liquidity needs. People who use other currencies will be contributing to create that necessary liquidity that we will keep as transparent as possible. And with it we will continue contributing to enhance this incipient but growing Fair economy. This will make it easier for Local Nodes fully involved in this development to finance productive projects, acquire necessary things to complement their local economies, organize routes and everything necessary to consolidate their circular economy and interconnect with nearby nodes.


Offer something that you produce or do. Manage your Faircoin income according to your ability to move them. Participate in this solid disobedient and anti-capitalist structure that, among all of us, we are setting in motion.