Bazar for Local Nodes and Consumer Groups

There are many Bazars within the Bazar

As you know, Bazar is a tool created to facilitate commercial exchanges within the Faircoin ecosystem globally. However, our priority is to favor and strengthen local economies. Therefore, one of the objectives of Bazar is to serve as a basic tool to facilitate local exchanges.

Currently there are already several local groups that use it. People from a local group access Bazar and, if you belong to a local group, in addition to the products that are offered globally you can see the products, services and offers available locally for the group in which you participate.


If you have a local consumer group you can request its activation in BAZAR by registering as a seller with the name and email of your group. We will create the group and a special category within the Nodes and Local Groups category.

Then you must provide us with the list of registered users in Bazar who must have access to the group. You can use the contact form.

From then on, these users can access the category of your group, see the offers and place orders.


When you create a product or service only available for that group, all you have to do is assign it as the only category of that group.

If you want it to also be available globally, add to another category as well.

Sometimes you want a product or service to be available in a different amount and / or price for the global and the local group. In this case, the easiest thing is to create the product for the global, indicating available quantity and price. Once you have it, you can duplicate the product automatically.

You assign another reference code, change the available stock and the price and finally assign it only the category of the group.. Surely you will also want to assign another shipping method since, usually, in the local groups the products are collected in one place instead of being sent. See the manual "shipping methods".

As you can see, managing a local consumer group is very easy with Bazar. The users place their orders and pay them directly. Then, you just have to go pick them up indicating the reference of your order.