In Komun we do not like Black Friday. Not even the nice speeches of some NGOs to buy ethical, ecological and ubercool things at Christmas. Consumerism has led us to the moral, social, environmental and human misery that we suffer. If we have to explain this to you, better do not keep reading.

Some of the ways that can lead us to economic and social regeneration are:

  • Local shopping. Whenever possible, acquire what you need from local producers or as close as you can. You will avoid contributing to degrade the planet and you will support the people of the area where you live. If you buy something from far away, do it because it is a real need or to support some fair cause.

  • Ecological shopping. Choose things that do not cause serious damage to the environment when they are produced, manufactured or transported. If possible, avoid unnecessary packaging since there is already enough shit in this world.

  • Fair shopping. Say NO to the exploitation of living beings.

  • Conscious shopping. Think well if you really need it. And, in any case, be very clear about where it comes from, how it has been obtained and who has done it.

Fundamentally, reduce your needs, be decreaser. Eat less but eat better. Accumulate less and enjoy more the things you already have.. Recycle whenever possible.

It's easy, what we're proposing is called Living. The consumerism with which they have indoctrinated us is a form of slavery. The things that we think we have, in turn, possess us.


The money created and controlled by the capitalist elites is the greatest of these means of oppression. As much as possible, do not use "their" money. There are many other means of exchange that empower the people and the local and fairer economies. Barter, test the banks of time, know and use social currencies. Where you do not reach with the previous means., use ethical cryptocurrencies like FairCoin.


We have developed KOLABORA to facilitate productive, ethical and self-managed projects that can be financed tp become a reality or continue their work. You can be part of them by contributing with some FairCoin, fiat money or cryptocurrencies. In the last two cases, some of those projects will offer you FairCoin in exchange. With FairCoin you can pay for goods and services locally or through other fundamental tools such as BAZAR.


We have just launched this powerful tool that we put for free at the service of the commons. Any person or group that offers ethical products and services can create an online store and distribute products in the geographical area that it deems convenient.

BAZAR is a very complete and effective online store for those who wish to offer products and services, real or virtual, in exchange for FairCoin.

Like in, you can use fiat money, FairCoin and other cryptocurrencies. The stores receive FairCoin as a commitment to participate in an economy different from the current Monopoly. Fiat money and cryptocurrencies contribute to facilitate the development of this ecosystem just promoted by FairCoop and Komun. Therefore, every time you use BAZAR, you will be making a contribution to this path of economic and social regeneration while obtaining things you need.

Creating a store in BAZAR is easy, although its possibilities are so many that it is convenient to start by looking at the Manual Básico de BAZAR (Spanish - pdf). The Komun team is available to help you with everything you need through different Telegram groups: Komun (spanish), Komun (english), Komun (esperanto), Bazar Komun Support, Kolabora.

The stores in BAZAR accept FairCoin to the extent that they can use it or save it. They make available to the community (as far as they agree to send) products that they can afford to sell in Faircoin considering the current state of our circular economy. This supposes a very important rebellious action against the capitalist system that has generated this neo-slavery. Each store can perfectly regulate the supply of products offered by Faircoin and, in this way, contribute in a very efficient way to the development of a more fair, cooperative and solidary economy outside the realm of capitalism.

We do not need Black Fridays. We do not want more wild consumerism. We want fair economies connected by bonds of mutual aid and cooperation. And we've never been closer to getting it. Everything now depends on us, the people. We believe that it is possible.