Last November 5th (remember, remember ...) we launched the public beta of KOLABORA. Then it was a proof of concept to present a new crowdfunding platform and donations to interesting, activist, combative, useful and productive projects.

Announcement of the public beta of Kolabora in November 2018

Kolabora is the first platform to support projects with fiat money and cryptocurrencies that also uses, in a very special manner, FairCoin, making this fair cryptocurrency visible and contributing to its distribution among communities and people who use it.

Kolabora allows those who have Faircoin to use them to reward donations to their projects. It is, in fact, a cooperative way of changing them to fiat currency at the price consensuated by the community, which Komun supports and promotes.

After 5 months of testing, logistical development and hard work of programming today we announce that Kolabora is fully operational with several campaigns in progress. We just wanted to announce it today, April 17, [international day of the peasant struggle] ( and the native seeds. On April 17, 1996, in the Amazon state of Pará, the military police of Brazil massacred organized peasants of the MST (Movement of rural workers without land). There is no project or work more authentically productive than that of the peasants and, that is why, no policy, company or State should ever be above the peasant rights and the land itself. From Kolabora we would like to contribute, very especially, to the autonomy of many projects based on land, seeds and peasant work because we understand that these are projects that will truly contribute to changing the world.

These are some of the novelties:

  • We publicly open the possibility that anyone can create campaigns on real projects that contribute to the commons and the circular economy. You can create campaigns, configure phases and rewards in an intuitive, simple and functional environment. These campaigns will be evaluated and, where appropriate, approved by the Komun team that will also be responsible for the support, logistics, dissemination and follow-up to ensure, as much as possible, the proper use of the donated funds and that each campaign offers all the information about their progress and realization. We want the highest standards of trust and transparency to be met throughout the process.

  • For many projects, Kolabora will be an ideal platform to give out the accumulated FairCoin, obtaining liquidity and promoting new productive initiatives that reinforce the ecosystem and the circular economy.

  • We have made Kolabora multi-language with the interface currently translated into Spanish, Catalan, English and French. You can submit and/or translate campaigns in each of the available languages.

  • Each campaign can choose the form of payment that it wants between the available ones: bank transfer in several currencies or payment with diverse cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). In the near future will be enabled payment by card, Paypal and some other system.

The source code will also be released once the platform is fully mature and we have implemented all the fundamental characteristics.

This is not Bambi because we are very serious. If we want to change the world, we now have the opportunity that our desires are not just words. It is enough to make our money become the means for that change. Choose the projects you want to support and be part of them!

The magic of cooperation and mutual support is called Kolabora.