Dear fellow activists.

For weeks, maybe months, we wanted to do this: publicly share how we are, how we see the situation of our project right now and call for mobilization in the Komun groups, to continue debating, building and moving forward.

This text has been written on the basis of two questions:

1) Why is it important for KOMUN to write this manifesto?

2) What are our intentions in the short and middle term?

The answer to the first question is: "out of our voice of conscience," out of loyalty and respect for those who have been participating in Komun for a year, have used our tools, and therefore have participated in the related projects we supported.

We supported. We speak in past tense, because for a few months now, most of us have ceased to feel close to the project from which we came out one day: FairCoop.

Since we like to be proactive, we will not write too much in exposing the issues that have de-motivated or tired us. We assume that any of you who currently share a presence in Komun and FairCoop groups will sense some reasons. We can give more details in private, of course, but for now: we state that the differences and not understandings for/with FairCoop have reached a peak and at this time, we believe it is healthy and necessary to make it clear in this way, so that there are no misunderstandings.

And what about all the talks/workshops we gave and all the tools we created based on FairCoin?

Well, here's the BIG challenge we face. Although we feel it necessary to say publicly that we are disappointed with FairCoop, we still have quite a few FairCoin, and we still hold on to them with some appreciation and hope. So we continue to debate and rehearse different ways to see if we can continue to operate with this cryptocurrency beyond FairCoop. Even though many myths have fallen away, even though we are disappointed, resentful, cheated... we do not give up, and we are confident that we can still support other ways of making economy healthier, fairer and greener from the world of alternative and complementary currencies, also doing the self-criticism necessary so that we don't make certain mistakes again.

So, for all those people who trusted us, who accepted FairCoin, who exchanged them for euros, who participated in the Iberian routes, who opened profiles in Mapo or Bazar. this message goes from honesty: we owe them an APOLOGY because we sinned as incautious, because we also trust too much in some people who we considered comrades but who regrettably have not lived up to the circumstances. At this time, we can only recommend that you be patient and save your FairCoin for a possible and desirable change of wind and turn of rudder. (*)

As for the second point (what intentions do we have), we must say that as Komun we continue, we don't disappear, and we will continue giving support in all those tools that we offer you. At the same time, we will continue to be transparent in terms of figures and go deeper into our own governance, testing different methodologies and different technologies: we want to avoid at all costs the accumulation of power and centralization. We continue to form a collaborative team to help in their computer needs always based on free software to any person or group activist.

We are very aware that it is not easy to find people like the ones we have, with an immense human quality, professionals in issues of free software, crypto currencies, social currencies, disobedience, economic alternatives, and a long etcetera. Therefore, we will continue... Ah! ...and we are looking forward to getting to know you, to expand our team, to build a solid community of activists. So, who knows, maybe I'll see you next time in a [Komun]-meetup?

At the moment, we read each other in the social networks (that we know are not the best means to discuss and create... but - right now - it is what we have) and we invite you to give your opinion about the future of FairCoin, its possible implementations, alternatives, etc., as well as other topics that interest you linked to post-capitalist alternatives.


1) we are going to stop maintaining bazar.komun.org from November. The main reason is that right now it supports the concept of centralized multistore as FairMarket and we think it would be more strategic to merge this tool with our mapo.komun.org as a p2p-shop of alternative currencies and direct contact between consumers/producers. Anticipated apologies if it causes any inconvenience.

2) on mapo.komun.org you will probably receive an email shortly asking about the status of your activities, whether or not they continue to accept FairCoin, at what price, etc. For us it is important to continue having exchanges without using euros or any other FIAT, that is to say, keep using social currencies or cryptos.

3) As we have already stated, some Komun people (not all, but some) have been working on a complementary proposal called "Komunero" in recent months; those who want to, are more than welcome to participate in the public discussion group.

Health and Kachondeo(Humor)

(*) Notes

Really all this about FairCoin is like a plant: we can take care of it, water it, fertilize it so that it grows, replicate it and we can distribute it among "good people" (activists like us)... or we can let it die. At the moment, unfortunately, we think FairCoin is in a coma. Depending on who gets into the operating room, or who is behind the glasses of the room waiting for its recovery, it will work or not. And this, which seems like a metaphor, is quite close to reality.