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Together, we can make roads. Many beautiful roads to explore them in freedom..

It is not necessary for us to understand each other completely because our wealth is the differences. Collective intelligence is not other than differences. If we did not have them, we could not call it intelligence, since a single and unique line of thought would suffice. It is enough that we are happy to meet us on the road.

They have made us believe that differences separate us because we think differently, we fear differently, we love differently. And that deception is the force that prevents us from making dreams come true, together, because only together can we change the world that a few have taken ownership of it, even though it is everyone's world.

And for this deception are built the isms we do not want: racism, patriotism, authoritarianism, consumerism ... and useless, bleeding, absurd wars that make us irreconcilable blocks.

The differences are beautiful and, although we can hardly believe it, we can enjoy them together. Share this wealth together. Make roads converge. Together

We are celebrating one year in Komun. We join the global celebration of the solstice (summer or winter, but solstice at last). In the northern hemisphere, the brightest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere, the darkest. It is simply a point on the path of the Earth around the star that illuminates us. A simple reference to stop a moment and think that, despite the difference, we are on the same planet, that little pale blue dot in the vastness of the universe.

We are together, whether we want it or not. We can persist in the deception of irreconcilable differences or rejoice that, despite everything, we share the same organic soup of life. And together make roads, wider, narrower, more linear or sinuous, that take us to the world we imagine, refounded on the common good.


In this year in Komún we have done things although we do not necessarily want to stick to them. Life is to build and destroy too. Walking without a lot of luggage is crucial to enjoy the journey. Tend to simplicity, to minimalism, to decrease. Together we can imagine that simple world. And together we can build it.

There are many things that are going to change in this new stage. We already said that we are going to radically change BAZAR, for example. It was not the best idea as it is proposed and as the experience is showing it to us. There are better ideas because we have visualized them together. And we are going to do it.

But there is much more because, it is true, we are autonomous, free, cheerful and anarchic. We do things, without nonsense.


Together we have had beautiful experiences. When we were fascinated years ago with the possibilities of cryptographic currencies to create an economy based on ecology, anti-authoritarianism and the common good outside the elitist impositions of the States, we wanted to get deeply involved. We have learned a lot, including, above all, from our mistakes. The economy is exchange, sharing, giving and receiving; a constant flow of relationships that require adequate and well-designed tools. We have not stopped thinking about it, to join forces, ideas and knowledge.

Now we can say that we are willing to contribute the mature fruit of this tree of collective knowledge. We respect all open, transparent and collectively constructed roads in equity, equality and freedom. We find it wonderful that different roads can come together to reach a larger destination. We sincerely believe that differences can be confederated.

In the coming months we will progressively show our biggest project. We want to contribute to the community that believes in the common good something especially powerful for all. A free and safer way to live better and confront what is seen as the greatest crisis of capitalism in history that is here, at the doors, and will also represent, looking at it with optimism, the great opportunity to establish a paradigm shift oriented towards cooperation, mutual support and the common good.

Our project is underway. It will be tested and refined step by step by more and more people until finally it will be open and made available to all who wish to join this revolution. It will create new illusions based on a simple and well-proven logistics based on very powerful technological solutions. That's why we go slowly, but moving forward with firm steps. It will be a project made by many people with differences, by many different knowledge, but who are finally building it together. It will be of all those who participate or it will not be.

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Happy Solstice!