The world is big, they say, but we usually settle for living inside a box. Kuka Ratxa

Boxes give us a certain sense of security but life is much more. To think outside the box is to destroy the limits, to give wings to the creativity, to find new solutions to old problems, to decompose things, to evolve, to decompress, to be free. The possibilities are immense when we are able to go overboard, stop clinging to the safe and embrace the different. We do not arrive at new destinations following the usual paths. Not always the classic procedure gives us the necessary solution but often the simple answers are those that are really useful or, at least, those that light up a smile.

Is it about finding spaces of practical happiness or riding seemingly sophisticated monstrosities?

We have to think and rethink outside the box

In Komun we have it clear and that's why we like to meet us in the most unusual places, getting out of the comfortable boxes and make fun of our own sand castles to recreate them as interplanetary ships built with seawater and oscillating rocks. If the goal is to fly, let's fly!

This new Chinese year is not Bambi

This is the year of the Pig, that adorable creature as simple as intelligent, or vice versa. Hug a little pig! It will teach you that if it is not simple, it is not my Revolution.

Each one of our physical meetings is a wild dance and, dancing, we make radikal changes. Stay tuned and you will check. Simplification is Life. Simplification is Revolution. Complicating is going backwards. So we do not have the slightest qualms about forcing the switching levers and discovering new routes.

We have begun to draw paths towards the simple, different and totally free world that we imagine. We have played a lot with concepts of economy, blockchain, useful cryptocurrencies, real exchanges, creative financial networks ... We have communicated new ideas and less new ideas to people eager to restart the system. And that has allowed us to meet other wonderful people willing to think outside the box in Komun.

We have also been able to rescue people in distress, toast repeatedly with craft beers and dip in chocolate enormous amounts of churros.

Let us give a concrete example: we have understood that the basic structure of Bazar it is a mistake at several levels. So far it has served us to experience and raise awareness of the user experience and that the force of custom creates boxes. So, soon we will disassemble it piece by piece to make something totally different, more useful, simpler and more cheerful. Meanwhile, we will continue to play with what is there but the creative machine is already underway. Of course, we promise that we will take care of you and transport you freely and lovingly out of the box.

Think outside the box: there is no other way to a bright future in Komun.

Komun Team thinking out-of-the-box. Alicante, february, 2019. Some "Komuneras" that do not appear in the photo were present through Mumble. This is not Bambi!

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