Create an economy outside the capitalist orbit, it is so difficult? No. You just have to start doing it from the most immediately local.

If several people or groups agree to use a tool to facilitate economic transactions with each other and if those persons or groups are within a radius of proximity close enough to perform such transactions as often as necessary, we will have created the bases solid.

The tools to understand ourselves economically can be varied and even complement each other. They can be simple exchanges (barter), use a social currency or a cryptocurrency in which we trust and we can use with a stable value that serves as a reference. In the latter case we recommend testing Faircoin.

The value reference, for the time being, should be the currency we were using until now, for example the Euro. This is because we are used to referencing the price of things to this unit of value and it is difficult to change this at present. No problem. The important thing is to have clear a quick system to exchange, even if it is referenced to a currency that we do not like to use. After all, the goal is not to use it and we have to start creating solid foundations.

The advantage of using other tools and systems for economic relations is that we go out of that capitalist sphere and, of course, we take control of our economies, without having to render accounts to controlling entities with whom we do not want to have a relationship.


Sure, we will always find exciting problems to solve. In principle it is to create a circular economy of sufficient depth to cover a good part of our needs. Therefore, the fundamental thing is to start in a very local environment where there are no problems for exchanges due to distance. If it is in a neighborhood or a very small population, it is better to consider a large city, a region or a country at the outset. As we create strong local circular economies these will be able to interact with other nearby regions and create a network capable of having a profound impact all over the world or, at least, in the communities that have decided to take this step.

It is necessary that any person or group that can offer something to the community (products, goods, services ...) is visible to all. For that we can use It is very important that anyone who has any skill (translations, plumbing, copy of keys, legal advice, whatever) or produce anything necessary and willing to participate in the revolution that involves accepting Faircoin or social currency is enrolled in the Map. From there, it will be easier to find products or services in a reciprocal economic relationship. With this, the circular economy in that locality will be increasingly powerful and we will be laying the foundations of a fairer economic system.


A Local Node is a set of people who have agreed to help create a circular economy. Its role is very important, not only to help others in this transition, but to actively collaborate in the creation of that circular economy. For example, a Local Node can serve as an intermediary to facilitate access to proximity products or necessary products that come from somewhere farther away.. A Local Node can organize the reception of surplus from any producer that can accept social currency or Faircoin and offer them to the local community. In this way the circulation of the currency that this community has decided to use is facilitated.


Surely you also have something to contribute to the community. Think about it. We do not want only consumers but prosumers, people who, besides consuming, also contribute with something to the community. Do not stay out of this movement. Contribute to change the world offering your skills to the community accepting the social currency or the cryptocurrency that will help us change the world. We can do it. Let's do it!

In a future article we will explain some ideas that are working to interconnect these strong local economies.