Sovereignty refers to the authority or independence of other powers outside of their own. A people is sovereign when they have the capacity to choose their destiny. Individuals are sovereign when they are not subject to the power of other entities. We use the word sovereignty in relation to freedom as opposed to submission (imposed or voluntary) to any other "authority".

Food sovereignty is the freedom of a community or individual to feed or produce food without being under the yoke of a state or transnational impositions.

Technological sovereignty is the freedom to use tools without having to follow the guidelines of corporations or public or private companies.

Economic sovereignty is the freedom to establish economic relations and use the means of exchange or payment that each one considers convenient and adequate, without paying tolls to financial intermediaries.

At Komun, we take these issues very seriously. That is why we build tools whose objective is for individuals and communities to be sovereign.


Last November 5th we launched the public beta of Kolabora. On November 5, 1604 Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Palace of Westminster. Regardless of the reasons and circumstances this date and this character have become a symbol related to the destruction of power structures. The movie V of Vendetta contributed to this by revising that conspiracy of gunpowder and, since then, the famous mask of Guy Fawkes appears, not only in the actions of the heterogeneous groups called "Anonymous" but in a wide variety of anti-system demonstrations. In any case, in we enjoyed high doses of humor and it seemed tp us very appropriate to propose this date for the launch.

It is true that this launch has been unusually precocious. But we are also happy to fulfill our commitments although we will not usually set dates. The work behind this tool has been enormous, even more so with the tension of wanting to fulfill the promise given. Now, celebrated the inaugural event, it is necessary to adjust, improve, correct and perfect. The fundamental is already a reality.

Kolabora is a platform for crowdfunding, patronage and incentivization so that the most interesting projects aimed at the common good can be carried out. Kolabora is many things, but above all, the opportunity to make many dreams come true.


In Komun we will select projects that we find interesting and viable. We will especially choose projects with road maps and very clear objectives. We will also appreciate very much that these projects are reporting on their progress. If the information is not clear and verifiable we can decide to eliminate the project and the contributions that have been made will be returned.

Each project decides what rewards to give to the people from whom they receive collaborations. So far, the idea is similar to other crowdfunding platforms with the caveat that we do not trade with the data of the people who participate and we have not a profit motive.

But there are many special elements in Kolabora. For example, we especially want to facilitate the use and circulation of one of the cryptocurrencies we like: the Faircoin. There are numerous projects, producers, communities and people who accept Faircoin as a means of payment. Sometimes Faircoin may have accumulated that, for the time being, they can not use to the same extent. Therefore, we suggest that they be offered as a reward in exchange for Fiat money. It is a way to exchange Faircoin at an official price to convert them into the currency needed to develop all or part of their projects. Faircoin becomes, therefore, a form of ethical investment: many people can contribute fiat money to promote projects that they like and receive Faircoin in exchange, which they can use or save. The benefits are mutual: we favor the development of ethical and necessary projects while we obtain as a reward a cryptocurrency with a great future projection and that can also be used in numerous physical and online sites (see the Mapo).

Kolabora facilitates, therefore, the purchase of Faircoin with the enormous advantage of supporting important projects that you can follow and obtain, in addition, many other rewards, plus the satisfaction of being directly contributing to making a better world.

It is also possible that there are projects that do not offer Faircoin in exchange, although there are other types of rewards.

With this tool we want to support the use of Faircoin and the circular economy by building a more just, cooperative and supportive economic system.

On the other hand, we also plan to support the use of some other cryptocurrencies. Not only that donations can be made with some of them, but directly. Among those we want to give all our support is Myriad, which has a strong projection among the community that speaks Esperanto .

In the coming days and weeks we will be running all parts of Kolabora, we will define some aspects better, we will launch the Esperanto version, with a special role of the Myriad cryptocurrency and we will add many other features that you will love.


Premio is a tool that we launched for the raffle of gifts in the II Meeting of Iberian Nodes (Vinyols, November 8-11, 2018). This tool will allow many Faircoop activists and node communities to organize events and raffles by offering and managing online tickets. It is another means to self-finance many projects. The tool is functional in the absence of opening it fully for free use.


In a short time we will also be opening Bazar. A powerful tool to create stores and sell ethical products in exchange (initially) for Faircoin. People who want to buy some of the products offered by the stores will be able to pay with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies (many will be accepted, including Faircoin). The initial version is designed for stores that accept Faircoin. Komun will act as intermediary to manage the money of the payments. The Faircoin will be sent to the stores once the product has arrived at its destination. In this way, each user has the guarantee that he will not lose his money in case of any problem.


Naturally, we want to consolidate the tools we have already developed. This will take time and many live tests for which the collaboration of all is very valuable. At Komun we believe in self-management and, therefore, we try to make all these tools self-financing. Our inalienable idea is that they are available to those who need them free of charge. For this, we are working selflessly and, at the same time, ensuring that the entire ecosystem is sustainable. Consequently, we not only rely on the generosity of the activist community, but we will also establish systems to guarantee the viability and durability of all the tools. Among the means of self-financing of the ecosystem is the premise of implementing small contributions for a financed project (in the case of Kolabora) or for a sale made (in the case of Bazar). All the income through the Komun tools as well as its use will be visible in a transparent way.

On the other hand, while we consolidate the work done, we continue with a long list of ideas and developments some of which are also underway right now.

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