Transparency report first quarter 2019

At Komun, we take transparency very seriously. It can not be otherwise if we want to develop real alternatives to the capitalist system. Therefore, as we have promised, every 4 months we publish the income and expenditure data. You can see our first report here.

It is not possible to build a self-managed, horizontal and free project without clear accounts. Only if each cent, each cryptocurrency, each resource is clearly visible and you can know what it is used for. At Komun we want to go further by improving our transparency progressively, without taking a step back.

Transparency report first quarter 2019:

Fakturo: mutual support and advice on billing issues.

-2069.81fairs +998.25€

Kolabora: Crowdfunding Campaigns + rewards in FairCoin

744.82fairs +853.55€ Free cloud + Collaborative documents

66.66fairs +200€


-158.32fairs y -225€ expenses march meeting in Vinyols [ES]

-75€ Expenses expansion server hosting

Quarter Total:


+1751.42 €

Total current liquidity April15:

3177.76 € , 6215.41fairs

We continue

As you can see, we are moving forward in the best way and creating many synergies and contacts with a large number of collectives and people who prefer a world in common. This is allowing us to advance in several projects that we will show. We have also created maps for other groups, to improve the exposure of self-managed and useful projects for diverse communities. Do not miss the next updates of this blog. We are in the middle of a #KomunalSpring